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Pen and Ink Series

Pen and Ink
Stitch Program

Have Ronnie Create a
Memory for You!!!
plus $4.00 Shipping

Pen and Ink Stitch Program
(Does not include cloth, floss, or needles.)

Ronnie Rowe Designs is pleased to introduce a new and exciting product in his continuing line of award winning cross-stitch designs. This new program is the "Pen and Ink - Stitch Program". This new endeavor will allow an individual, for the first time, to have a custom design to be designed by Ronnie Rowe.

Over the years, Ronnie has been asked many times to do custom design work. After working through and refining the design process, Ronnie has developed a way for the cross-stitch enthusiast to have a personalized portrait of a family member, pet, or loved one for their home. Each design is of the same quality and detail as you would expect from Ronnie Rowe Designs.

The procedure is quite simple: All of us have favorite wallet size pictures of a child, grandchildren, wife, husband, pet etc. that we cherish. Send a wallet size photo (2"x3") of your choice to Ronnie, and he will send you a complete detailed Pen and Ink Design (black stitching on white material) for you to stitch. The finished stitch count of each design is approximately 200 x 200. The finished framed design with triple matting is approximately 15"x17". Each design will come to you with complete instructions, including material size, stitching, matting, and frame/finishing. The original photo will be returned.

The cost of each design is $49.00 plus $4.00 shipping. Allow approximately 3 weeks from the time we receive your order until shipment. Send your payment to Ronnie Rowe Designs, 125 Fairmont Drive, Hampton, VA 23666. Include the wallet size photo, any special instructions, name for chart, and your return address.